Queensland rave party destination turned destructive when the attendees were affected by an unidentified drug leading to one death while two of them are still on life support.

At a New Year party at Mount Lindesay located on the Queensland and NSW border, the some attendees consumed an unidentified drug that affected them severely. Among the two survivors, one was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment while the other was admitted to the Toowoomba Base Hospital. Police were called to the scene at around 10:20am on Sunday.

The YewbuNYE party was attended by almost 500 people. Out of them, around five attendees indicated adverse side-effects of the drug. Police also confirmed that they required instant medical assistance. “Upon the arrival of the first ambulance crew … the young male went into cardiac arrest,” Queensland Ambulance’s Daniel Towson said. “They were unable to resuscitate him at the scene after working on him for a very long time.”

Search For Queensland Rave Party Victims Continues

According to the reports, only three of the victims received treatment of which one died. On the other hand, there were two more Queensland rave party victims who refused to be attended by paramedics and ran into the bush.  Police are searching for the two of them as they still remain unaffected.

One of the regular attendees of the parties at the venue, who was not present during the Queensland rave party incident, told the Daily Mail Australia that people have been observed bringing poor drugs these days. “You can’t pinpoint anyone doing it. It could be the kindest looking person bringing harm,” she said. “A party I went to a while ago, some people close to me got spiked with something called liquid fantasy.”

While she agreed that people used poor drugs at parties, she also defended bush doof saying it was completely a safe venue and was not a place where drugs were consumed illegally.

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