Neighbors were shocked on Thursday afternoon when police officers arrived at a Queensland property and recovered a human skeleton.

The skeleton was found in a sitting position leaning against a tree near Stanthorpe located in the south-west of Brisbane. The investigation is in progress. Police have started measures to make sure the body is identified. The officers believe that the body was of a male, as depicted by the clothes on his body that were found intact. According to reports, officers have stated that it was not the right time to confirm if the death was suspicious.

What do police have to say about the human skeleton found on the Queensland property?

The body was found 150 meters from the main road and 200 meters from the house of the property owner, who informed the police about the incident. The officers also said that it would not be easy to determine the cause of death considering the long time taken to recover the dead body. The spot has been seized and established as a crime scene with relevant forensic examination being in progress.

“From past experience, it could be anywhere from a month to six months depending on if they can get a cause of death at the original post-mortem or they’ve got to await subsequent tests,” Detective Inspector David Isherwood said as quoted by Brisbane Times. “At this point in time, we’d like to hope we can get one from the post-mortem but when they’re decomposed to a state of skeletal remains, it can quite often take so much more time.”

The property owner as well as the neighbors denied having any direct or indirect connection with the person. Isherwood described the location as “rocky” where such incidents could hardly “be seen”. The law enforcement officers said that it cannot be said if the human skeleton found in the Queensland property is the result of a crime or it was a natural death.

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