A health worker in Queensland has been banned from working as a health professional for a lifetime following charges of sexually exploiting his patients.

Health personnel Christopher Paul Costello has been imprisoned after being found guilty of performing oral sex on a male patient on April 10, 2013. He worked in Caboolture’s Murri Health Group clinic as an Aboriginal health worker.

The man pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges including placing his mouth over the victim’s penis several times. The Brisbane Times reported that he had to face three months of jail term for the crime he committed. He was not a registered doctor and hence had no rights to conduct further treatment.

At first, Costello asked for urine samples to see if blood came out of it. Prior to that, he tested the patient’s blood pressure. After the procedure, he asked the 30-year-old victim to take off his underwear and stand in front of him.

Then he placed his mouth on the victim’s penis several times. When the patient asked what was he doing, the health worker said he needs to get some fluid out of his private part to see if blood came out.

The patient, in disagreement, said that he was not a gay. However, Costello continued to perform oral sex on him and asked him to stay quiet.

After the incident, the patient filed a complaint against him and told about the actions of the health worker to his mother, the health centre and the police. The report led to two counts of charges on the Queensland health worker after five days. While sentencing Costello, Judge Brian Harrison called the actions a “blatant breach of trust.”

“To some, it may seem strange that he never objected earlier, but in any event, what you did was totally unacceptable and went way beyond the guidelines of what you were required to do,” he said.

It was last week, as reported by 9News, when the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal banned the health worker from practicing. The decision came following the tribunal’s observation, according to which, he was still considered as an unacceptable risk to the society.

The tribunal prepared a report about the crime. It described it as an “increasingly venturesome series of acts of sexual exploration of the patient’s testicles and then penis, with obvious attempt at stimulation”.