Since the dawn of CCTV footage, ghost video have proliferated the internet. And Chris Mitchell-Clarem who is originally from of Auckland, New Zealand, found one straight out of his security system. For him, it proves that ghosts really do exist.

The 9-minute footage from one of his security cameras in his Queensland home showed the wooden gate firmly shut at first. Something or someone causes a momentary glitch in the security camera footage. The video suffers from interference. It blurred the lower part where the wooden gate is located.

A second after, the video resumes to its normal state and the gate stands wide open. Chris Mitchell-Clare stated on Facebook the video is simply directly copied from the security footage. He says the raw footage has now convinced him of supernatural beings and their existence alongside humans.

ghost video auckland

Facebook/Chris Mitchell-Clare

To make the blur recognizable, Chris uploaded a version of the blur which lessened the noise from the interference. He then asked whether anyone knew the kid.

However, not everyone believes the ghost video. One dubious Facebook user said it might be a ghost. Meanwhile another called out the footage’s time stamps. While the time stamp on the upper left of the video indicates that the ghost video came from the camera installed in the driveway facing the wooden gate and the street, the time stamp to the right shows a January 2, 2000 date.

The fact that Chris Mitchell-Clare is also a professional web designer or developer and IT professional with over 10 years of experience does not help.

The two time stamps ran simultaneously throughout the whole footage. Meanwhile, Chris defended the confusing existence of the two time stamps by saying that the right time stamp show the camera’s time which he did not set up. Meanwhile, the real time recording which showed the time the footage was caught is the left time stamp, according to him.

He further slammed those who claimed he edited the footage. He said that the left time stamp watermarks the video as it is recording. This proves the ghost video’s authenticity.

The video has already garnered 11,000 views on Facebook.

Watch it for yourself and judge whether this ghost video is indeed true or not. Spot the creepy child who opens the firmly shut wooden gate.