A man swept away in Queensland floods while he was warning motorists about the danger on the roads because of the water logging. He was drowned in the floodwater on Wednesday evening in the north of Atherton in far north Queensland.

Queensland Floods Endangered Peoples’ Lives

The reports stated that the 60-year-old man was warning motorists against the rising Queensland floods near his home. While he was helping motorists, he slipped off a railway bridge. The waters flow into Tolga’s swollen creek, located in the southwest of Cairns.

Sergeant Bill Stanley stated that there were other people who were also issuing traffic warning to motorists. He said that those people have tried to save the victim of the Queensland floods. “Despite their very best efforts they were unable to rescue him, so he has continued down the creek until he disappeared from view,” he told the ABC Radio.

A land, as well as aquatic search, has been launched to search for the man who went missing from 6 pm. In addition, an aerial search is also underway. The rescue team of 24 comprises police, fire as well as State Emergency Service representatives. The family and friends of the victim have also reportedly joined the search.

Bureau of Meteorology on Queensland Floods

Atherton tablelands witnessed heavy rainfall for several hours ranging to almost 118mm. The heavy rain prompted to earlier warnings against severe thunderstorm for parts of the North Tropical Coast and Tablelands long with the Herbert and Lower Burdekin. However, the storm warnings were canceled in the districts later at around 8 pm.

While the Atherton has been receiving severe rainfall for the past four days, the Bureau of Meteorology claimed that the rainfall is expected to continue. According to Canberra Times, BoM’s Sean Fitzgerald issued a warning and said that the Queensland floods are “expected to continue for the next couple of days.”

A legal enforcement department’s spokesman said that the SES representatives were not considering that the Queensland floods victim was dead. The search crew members have searched the banks of Spring Creek before wrapping up for Wednesday. However, they have started the search once again on Thursday morning.

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