A mother has filed a report against a Queensland dad who allowed their nine-year-old son to perform car stunts on one of the deserted beaches of the state.

A video has been released where the boy is seen performing burn-outs and doughnuts in front of his dad on the central Queensland beach. The young boy’s mother could not take the stunts being performed by him and said that the deserted beach is believed to double the speed compared with that on a highway on Fraser Island. Out of concern, therefore, she went to the police.

The reports have stated the mother as mentioning the frequent mishaps that keep on taking place in the region due to which the speed limit has been reduced for Fraser Island. She said that she was “shocked” to see what was happening. The first thing that came to her mind was to ensure his safety as well as the safety of other people in the area. “You could actually kill someone driving when you’re nine years old. That’s why children don’t have licenses,” she said.

The woman said that she went to the officers to report the incident but they said they could not help her in the matter. RACQ spokesman Paul Turner said that it was not the fault of the young boy but it was the recklessness of the Queensland dad that was setting a poor example of a father-son relationship. Turner said that he has gone through the video and there are some occasions where the boy seems to lose control of the sedan. This might have proven to be a dangerous act for the young boy.

“The fact is a nine-year-old does not have the intellectual or the physical ability to handle a normal car. This is a large four-wheel-drive,” 9News quoted Turner as saying. “Many of us might learn on a farm or an off-road environment how to manage a car but teaching a kid how to do burnouts at nine on a public beach is not the best way for that child to learn how to drive.”