Yet another crocodile attack has been reported from Queensland where documentary star Rob Bredl has been severely injured.

“The Barefoot Bushman”, as Bredl is commonly known, might have lost some part of his hand after the attack. He was given instant paramedic aid. Queensland Ambulance Service’s Paramedic Heather Shields said that the man was lucky enough as his injuries were not life threatening. He escaped the attack although the creature attempted to drag him into the water repeatedly.

The 66-year-old victim was trapped by the crocodile while he was on his visit to a wildlife farm at Bloomsbury. He was feeding the healthy crocodile when the latter turned on him and attacked. The reptile slashed his left hand and left bite marks on his left leg. Shields confirmed the incident.

“He said it happened on land,” the paramedic said. “It was attempting to drag him to the water but he got away before he was submerged at all. He had a severe laceration to his left hand and also some bite marks to his lower right leg,” Shields added. The QAS had earlier described the injuries as “significant”.

The paramedic also said that tourists and nearby people helped the man, ensuring proper health to the victim. Shields said that those people did excellent work before the medical service providers reached the spot. Bredl was admitted to the Mackay Base Hospital. Though he is in a stable condition, he is currently critical.

According to AAP, the man is undergoing surgery and he might lose part of his hand after that. However, the report has not yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the wildlife farm, according to The Courier Mail, claimed that the man was in high spirits before the crocodile attack.  “As we all know Rob he is in high spirits and he would say ‘Just another love bite and get on with the show’,” a farm’s staff wrote on the farm’s Facebook page.