Queensland’s Logan murder victims, who were bound and crammed inside a two-metre metal toolbox and dropped at the bottom of a dam, were still alive then.

The couple, Cory Breton and Iuliana Triscaru were found beaten, gagged and had gunshot injuries inside the makeshift coffin, which was found last week near Logan, south of Brisbane. According to The Courier Mail, police said the couple was still alive before shifting them from the metal box coffin to a Toyota Hilux ute. The news came days after six people were charged over the murders after the metal box was dropped in a dam.

Police confirmed seizing another car to conduct forensic tests, suspecting its involvement into removal of evidence from the crime spot. Breton’s partner Miranda said on Saturday that they were planning to leave Logan with family. Meanwhile, the detectives were busy finding links between the murders and suspected drug dispute. “We were looking to get away from everything and start fresh. We wanted to get him out of the so-called scene,” she told The Sunday Mail.

Tuhirangi-Thomas Tahiata, 24, Ngatokoona Marettii, 36, Davy Malu Junior Taiao, 21, Webbstar Latu, 31, Trent Michael Thrupp, 22, and Stou Daniels, 21, faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday for hearing charges against their criminal deed. According to news.com.au, the detectives suspected Daniels and Taiao of bashing Breton, who was discovered with zip-tied hands and ankles. They also allegedly stabbed him in the leg during the struggle.

Thrupp allegedly shot both Triscaru and Breton in the head, detectives said. The shooter, along with Tahiata, were suspected to have placed the couple in the two-metre toolbox. Police have been searching the two Logan suspected murder victims since they went missing since January 24.

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