Electric cars can now travel faster than ever before! A Queensland company made it possible by developing fast-charging stations to help electric cars charge much faster than before to cover long distances like Brisbane to Sydney with just three 20-minute stops in between.

With support from the Australian government, Brisbane-based EV infrastructure company, Tritium, plans to revolutionize fast-charging technology. The company is banking hope on a massive investment of $2.5 million (approx. AU$3.4 million) from the government combined with investments from private parties to bring new products to the market. Recently, major companies like Siemens and Valeo considered partnering with each other for the electric car business.

The company’s Veefil stations that can provide 50-km range for electric cars every 10 minutes are currently a huge success. However, with new investments, the company plans to produce a higher power Veefil charging unit that can increase speed of EVs up to 150 km of range per 10 minutes.

“With appropriate fast-charge infrastructure, these electric vehicles will be able to drive from Brisbane to Sydney with only three stops of 20 minutes each,” according to Tritrium Chief Executive David Finn.

The company foresees a bright future with a real chance of being a global leader in the car industry. Treasurer Curtis Pitt, however, made it clear that the investment was solely meant to support future innovation and jobs, rather than earning a direct return, reported Sky News.

Mr Finn also highlighted major initiatives by Tritium taken to use Veefil DC charger for residential use. This will help solar households use their EVs as great mobile energy storage devices, noted Reneweconomy.

Indeed, the 150-km Veefil units will help establish smooth and quick connections between different parts of the capital city. The interesting fact is that any electric car with a DC charging g port can use the units for charging.

As part of the Palaszczuk government’s Advance Queensland initiative, the new electric car project is expected to bring support for innovation in Queensland’s economy. “(Veefils) are an export market now- a lot of our markets are incentivized,” said Finn.  Do you want to know about Apple’s electric car, which is set to be released in 2019? Read here.