An Aussie diver has survived a brutal Queensland bull shark attack on the Great Barrier Reef on Saturday. The scene of the attack was in a remote area off the north Queensland coast. The victim is in a stable condition now.

The reports stated that the Aussie diver suffered serious injuries on his hand, stomach and chest. The Queensland bull shark attack was described as a particular case of aggressive mauling that led to huge blood loss. The 55-year-old man was free-diving 60 nautical miles in the east of Murray Island. It was then when a shark of around four meters attacked him.

Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Neil Noble confirmed the complicated laceration caused to his left arm and abdomen. He said that the Queensland bull shark attack incident occurred in quite a remote area and it could have turned into an “unlucky case” but the victim was “lucky” to survive. There were reports that torrential rain disturbed the rescue efforts conducted by crews.

The latest update on the Queensland bull shark attack incident is that the victim was admitted to Cairns Hospital but his treatment of injuries only started after more than eight hours. Though the attack was fatal, the victim managed to return to his charter boat.

Queensland Bull Shark Attack – Area of Occurrence Described as Remote

Paramedics David Cameron confirmed the tough situation of the victim. He mentioned that the man was 15 meters under the water when the shark attacked. “The bull shark has come up from behind and has unfortunately bitten the patient on the arm several times and bitten him on the stomach,” Cameron said. “He’s very lucky to walk away.”

The Queensland bull shark attack victim is the resident of Papua New Guinea. He was rescued from Thursday Island using a Royal Flying Doctor Service plane. Queensland Ambulance Service Supervisor Kirk Binnington told the Sydney Morning Herald that one could hardly get an area “more remote than that“.

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