The Queensland government has taken a bold step towards approving medicinal marijuana or cannabis by introducing a bill to establish the framework for the prescription and administration of the drug.

Announcing this, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was “moved by the stories of families with young children with epilepsy, suffering life-threatening seizures, and what they go through on a daily basis.”

The Premier clarified that medicinal marijuana bill is not a “green light for the recreational use.” Incidentally, the government’s move coincides with the death of Queensland girl, Rumer Rose, whose father was punished for using cannabis oil to cure her of cancer symptoms, Brisbane Times reported.

Giving details of future plans on administering the emerging medical marijuana regime, Health Minister Cameron Dick said the new law would enable doctors to prescribe the drug.

Noting that future use of medicinal cannabis would require a specific, transparent and robust regulatory framework, Dick said the new legislation will provide that.

“It will allow the use of medicinal cannabis products in Queensland, provided they are based on medical evidence and supported by clinical treatment plans.”

The legislation will get the support of Katter Party MPs who are looking at medicinal cannabis as a crop opportunity for north Queensland farmers.

As mentioned, Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016 comes as a tribute to a 4-year old girl who died at her home in far north Queensland on Monday. Her father Adam Koessler was fined $500 besides a two-year good-behaviour bond for trying to cure his young daughter, Rumer Rose, by feeding her cannabis oil.

Rumer was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, rare cancer, in 2014. The court heard that Koessler researched and got the drug from New South Wales. Later he cooked her food in cannabis oil and put the oil into chocolate.

Rumer ate the food at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Hospital during Christmas. The relieved father wrote messages that the drug was a success in reviving her appetite, which she had lost. He also insisted on delaying chemotherapy while she was under the cannabis oil.

Announcing her death on Monday, Koessler posted on Facebook that Rumer died in her sleep at Cairns, hardly a few weeks before her fourth birthday, reports The ABC.

While recalling his daughter’s “monumental battle” for life, he said the love the little girl “generated around the world had been a phenomenal force.”