There have been rumors circulating online that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will retire on her 65th anniversary on the throne on February 6, 2017 and would pass the crown over to Prince William, her grandson. However, this news, which has been reported by many online news sites, is actually false.

As reported by, the false news report read: “It has been confirmed Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is set to retire on February 06, 2017 exactly her 65th anniversary since she ascended the throne and has chosen to pass the crown over to Prince William. She is the longest reigning monarch in the UK giving up the throne in favor of her grandson, Prince William, bypassing her eldest son and apparent, Prince Charles.”

The Queen allegedly made the announcement during a small private event at the Cliffs Pavilion. Apparently, the Ministry of Royal Affairs also released a statement that said, “Her Majesty chose to make this announcement in Southend On Sea because the town has a very special place in her heart – her family has been visiting the Essex coast for generation after generation. On the occasion of her 90th birthday, she feels that it is time to pass on the role to a younger candidate who understands the needs of a modern and multicultural Britain, and the Ministry of Royal Affairs has already started the recruitment process to hopefully appoint a new monarch by the beginning of September.”

The 90-year-old queen has never announced that she will be retiring on the set date. She also did not say that she won’t be choosing her son, Prince Charles, to take over in favor of her grandson.

The false news was initially reported by websites 1ndependent and Da1lyMail early this October. Although these two are fake news sites, they sound like the real British Independent and Daily Mail newspapers, which can confuse some readers.