The European Union may soon be losing Britain as the reports on Tuesday indicate that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth seems to be supporting the idea of a possible exit.

The Queen has been known for staying out of United Kingdom politics, but now appears to have openly expressed her thoughts at a private meeting with the former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg held at the last parliament.

The European Union, according to the 89-year-old monarch, is heading towards a wrong direction. After her stinging lecture, the Queen then left the other guests stunned, The Sun reported.

The incident was relayed to The Sun by a reliable source, saying that the conversation was heard by people and is undoubtedly about the Queen’s opinion on the integration of Europe, which Queen Elizabeth seems to feel passionate about, as noted by the source.

In a meeting held at the Buckingham Palace, the Queen reportedly expressed her opposition to the European Union membership. When she was asked about Brussels, she is said to have responded in an angry tone. According to her, she does not seem to understand the ways of Europe.

A spokesman of the Buckingham Palace said that the Queen has always been neutral when it comes to politics for the last 63 years and that a referendum is a matter of concern for the British people.

However, former Deputy PM Nick Clegg said that he has no reflection of such conversation since he does not have a photographic memory. He also added that he would easily remember something as significant as the reports have created it to be. Mr. Clegg, who lost a couple of major debates about the membership of Britain of the European Union, also shared his belief that it is rather offensive to disclose any conversations with the Queen.

Meanwhile, campaigners for the British exit have welcomed this news about the Queen’s views, Breitbart reported.