On Thursday’s Tonight Show, Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra carried her appetite and destroyed Jimmy Fallon over a chicken wing eating competition.

The Quantico star, who is a fierce competitor, went to high school in Queens and was extremely familiar with Atomic Wings and “nuclear” sauce.

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“I’m Indian, it’s all about the spice,” she said.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the win is expected from Chopra, who won Miss India and Miss World before which she never contested at any beauty pageant.

While at the show, Chopra talked about her love for New York food that included hot dogs, pizza and chicken wings.

She said that the moment she lands up in New York, the first thing she would do is “have a hot dog at a hot dog stand with everything.”

Apparently she fetishes chicken wings and this love made her challenge Fallon to a contest to spot who could consume the most wings in 20 seconds.

Chopra was on a “competitive edge” when she was at the show, says Perez Hilton.

Fallon was hardly able to eat one, while Chopra was adept enough to eat three.

“I couldn’t even do one,” confessed Fallon.

“I got a big, a big chunky one. My first wing was a big wing – I couldn’t.”

She cheated a little when she just peeled off the skins with her teeth. However, that is where the heat is, according to TV Guide.

Chopra was trembling as she was having her part of the wings.

After her victory, Chopra humorously said that Fallon is now providing “excuses” to defend his destruction in the competition.

During the show she also talked about her role in Baywatch and Quantico.

New York’s Atomic Wings sells the second-hottest wings and that is why they are known as “nuclear” wings. According to Some Entertainment, Atomic wings got a very special mention from both Chopra and Fallon.