New episodes won’t air anytime soon but the good thing is, Quantico season 2 spoilers continue to surface to keep the waiting fans afloat.

Not a lot has been disclosed about the upcoming run, but fans are definitely looking forward to seeing more of Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parish.  And while it has not been really confirmed that she will now be affiliated with the CIA, several rumors have already hinted that Alex’s new journey will revolve around her new assignment.

In fact, showrunner Josh Safran has even hinted that a “shocking twist” involving the truth about Alex will be revealed in the premiere episode. Talk about setting the bar high!

“We’re very interested in the fact that the FBI’s so much about being honest, truthful and living up to your badge,” he told TV Line, “and the CIA is the opposite. You succeed if you can deceive. So it’s going to be interesting to see. It’s like a funhouse mirror of what we’ve seen.”

Safran has also previously confirmed that the show will stick to what worked in the previous season. The showrunner claimed that that the dual storyline fans have grown to love will still continue in the upcoming run.

“At least for right now, less will be spent on the flashforward and more on the present,” he told Complex. “Especially because at the end of season one we’ve caught up to the flash-forward.”

“Even though we might, in season two, have a structure that is bookended by a flash forward it won’t be 40% and 60% the past,” he continued. “It will be a little bit of flash forward, but the majority will be, what I like to call, the present.”

“Quantico” season 2 spoilers also suggest that filming for the new run will begin really soon although a release date is yet to be determined as of writing.