ABC crime thriller series “Quantico” has been confirmed to be renewed with season 2. A recent buzz revealed that the upcoming series will focus on a major part of  FBI agent Shelby Wyatt’s life. The truth behind his parent’s death during the 9/11  New York attack is going to be unveiled.
Cliff hanger endings have become a trend these days. This can be considered as a smart technique opted by the show-runners to generate excitement among the viewers. “Quantico” season  1 showed Shelby grieving over the death of her parents, believing that they died during the devastating attack of September 11, but with time, she found out that they were actually alive.

An article published in Breathe Cast reports that Shelby (Johanna Braddy) also learned that her parents only faked their deaths so that they would not be charged with terrorism.

The 17th episode of season 1 titled “Care” revealed Laura and Glenn Wyatt telling Shelby about a systems software that they sold to the Afghani government in the late 90s. I was later used by the Taliban during the September 11 attack. In fact, the same software helped blast the twin towers and took thousands of innocent lives  in New York. However, an agent hired by Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) to investigate the death of the couple discovered later on that they were indeed dead, creating confusion among the fans of Joshua Safran’s thriller. If the death of Shelby’s parents’ have been checked out, then who is the couple whom the daughter Wyatt has introduced as her parents?

In a recent interview, “Quantico” executive producer Joshua Safran tried to make things clear. In reference  to the death of Shelby’s parents, he conveyed, “It is open to interpretation.”

“She definitely tells that to Alex (Priyanka Chopra), and then Miranda is told by an agent that the story checks out. However, whether that story is true or not is something that we definitely will be looking into,” he added just to titillate fans.
Shelby Wyatt was not the best apprentice in the FBI Academy, but she was able to prove her worth as an FBI agent. She is believed to be as one of the most interesting characters in the series and equally liked by the show’s fan base.

“Quantico” season 2 premieres on ABC this fall.