Fans are craving for more Quantico season 2 spoilers! Just days after season 1 ended with a bang, avid viewers of the Priyanka Chopra headliner are already curious to know what’s in store for her character in the upcoming run.

Several speculations have already surfaced online, but none has been confirmed as of writing.  As far as fans are concerned, they can just rely on the generosity of showrunner Joshua Safran as he shares some tidbits of information about the next season.

Previous reports containing “Quantico” season 2 spoilers have already hinted the return of Keyes, as it could be assumed that Alex Parish will be accepting CIA’s call. As fans can remember, Keyes was previously teased as a “critical new character” that will be introduced in the “final minute and work up to the second season that will maintain the two-timeline structure” by Entertainment Weekly.

Speaking of the two-timeline structure, Safran has also confirmed that season 2 will still have the dual plot line fans loved in the first season. The creator even dished on the amount of time they will be focusing on each storyline.

“At least for right now, less will be spent on the flashforward and more on the present,” he told Complex. “Especially because at the end of season one we’ve caught up to the flash-forward.”

“Even though we might, in season two, have a structure that is bookended by a flash forward it won’t be 40% and 60% the past,” he continued. “It will be a little bit of flash forward, but the majority will be, what I like to call, the present.”

He also teased that “Quantico” season 2 could have a “lighter” treatment as compared with the previous run.

“It will be fun,” Safran said. “I think season two will be, even though there will be darkness, there will also, it will weirdly feel a little lighter. Lighter is the wrong word, but we want to spend time with these people as adults in the real world as the most ridiculously hot adults you’ve ever seen in the real world.”

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