The first season of Quantico left Alex with a choice to leave the FBI. Now at the hands of the CIA, the person in-charge promises a better treatment for her. Considering how she was badly treated and framed at the Bureau, the promise looks appealing. However, is it possible that it was an empty promise? Is Alex equally doomed at the CIA in Quantico season 2?

The recently released synopsis for Quantico‘s second season reveals that Alex’s troubles aren’t over. The official synopsis, released by ABC, is below:

“When season two begins, Alex finds herself at “The Farm,” the CIA’s mysterious training facility. As Alex navigates the dark world of espionage, far different and more dangerous than what she’s learned before, she’s pulled into the center of a deadly conspiracy that not only threatens the lives of this country’s citizens, but the lives of countless others across the globe. This conspiracy calls everyone around her into question, be it new faces from the CIA or old ones from the Bureau.”

Quantico season 2: Bigger, more scary

The overview reveals that more trouble awaits Alex. However, it is different this time in the sense that the trouble not only affects the US but the world in general.

Another thing notable in the synopsis is the phrase “she’s pulled into the center of a deadly conspiracy”. The events that lead to it is an interesting premise. When she became Liam’s fall person in the events of season one, it was personal. Liam wasn’t thinking right, but it’s safe to say that he chose Alex because of her connection to his past. Namely, he was friends with her father.

The CIA, on the other hand, appears to be a clean slate for her. So how will she be pulled in such conspiracy? Will it be another frame up? Or will Alex go sneaking in places where she isn’t supposed to? Knowing Alex’s personality, it is the latter that gets her in trouble.

It’s also a point for thinking on how the show will integrate Alex’s colleagues from the FBI now that she’s with a different organization. There’s only more than a month left before fans find out.

Quantico season 2 returns to ABC on September 25.