Thriller series “Quantico” is up for renewal for a second season, and it was the biggest news fans could get last March. The great news is the inclusion of actor Russell Tovey in the next season, playing the character of Harry Doyle. Tovey will join as Doyle, a mischievous gadabout.

Tovey’s character is best described as a subtle combination of Thomas Crown and Artful Dodger, who could be anything he wished to. With this new addition of the character, there will be more drama for the fans.

BREATHE Cast  learned that Russell Tovey had starred in the HBO comedy “Looking,” and its series finale is due to be aired on July 23 after its two-season run.

Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey To Join Quantico Season 2

In an interview, the things fans can expect from Season 2 have been revealed. The start of Season 2 will reveal an unexpected twist that is related to Alex’s role at the CIA. “We’re very interested in the fact that the FBI’s so much about being honest, truthful and living up to your badge and the CIA is the opposite. You succeed if you can deceive. So it’s going to be interesting to see. It’s like a fun-house mirror of what we’ve seen,” as revealed by Ecumenical News.

It can be remembered that in the Season 1 finale, Alex was seen leaving the FBI after getting an offer to work for the CIA. However, her answer to the job offer was not revealed.

Safran has shared that the writing team is interested in showcasing the dissent between the CIA and the FBI. He wanted to combine the two law enforcement agencies and show how both sides work together as a whole and as separate agencies. This will be an interesting development, watching the tough guys from both organisations working in close quarters.

However, the official premiere date of “Quantico” Season 2 is yet to be revealed to us.