The success of “Quantico” Season 1 has been the driving factor for the creator to go ahead with season 2 . Spoilers for season 2 reveal that in the upcoming episodes FBI agent Alex Parrish’s love-life may have to encounter some threats. Is that indicating towards the presence of a third person in the circle? Read in details below.

At touted earlier by creator Joshua Safran; season 2 of “Quantico” will show Alex joining the CIA. Along with that, there are also hints about Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) and Alex’s (Priyanka Chopra) relationship which may have to go through a hard time.

Last week, Russell Tovey’s joining was confirmed by the franchise. He will be seen playing Harry Doyle in “Quantico” season 2.  If Alex and Doyle team up to work for CIA, there will be a very high chance that the duo will be attracted to each other in time. Is there a new love triangle that will bring bad luck to Alex’s relationship? If so then it will definitely be going to strain the relationship between Ryan and Alex.

Recently, Safran has dished out some interesting updates about the love-life of Alex and Ryan in Quantico Season 2.  In an interview published in TV Guide, the series creator hinted that they may have to go through a testing time in the new season with a lot of ups and downs. As Alex joins CIA she will start to realize the difference between FBI and CIA when it comes to their working styles.  The creator teased while working for FBI is all about being honest, CIA can be pretty different. She will struggle to adjust to this new modus operandi. Hall of Magazine asks, is it possible that her new decision will have an adversative effect on her love life?

Another update on TVLine has conveyed that Safran has dropped hints about surprises in the premiere episode of Quantico Season 2. He promised the fans that “A surprising twist at the end of Act 1.” We believe that one of the possible links to his ‘surprise’ event has something to do with Alex and her new job.

Here is a Sneak Peak of Quantico Season 2