When Quantico season 2 returns on air, more new faces will share screen time with Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra). These faces take center stage in new photos released in line with the new season. However, with new “classmates” to deal with, will Alex face the same problems she did when she was still with the FBI? Will she face another conspiracy with the CIA?

Judging by Quantico‘s premise, she most probably will. However, since season 1 took the route where Alex was close to the perpetrator, season may lead down a different path.

The logical path is for Alex and her new classmates to unite against a bigger threat. True enough, an article from Entertainment Weekly points toward this direction. According to the site, season 2 will almost mirror the first season in that Alex trains with students at the CIA.

Entertainment Weekly describes the new season as follows:

“…the former NAT (and later, fired FBI agent) will be training with the CIA alongside a new crop of students while in the future, she’ll be caught in another national crisis, this time involving a hostage situation that ensnares even the POTUS and First Lady..”

From this, it appears that Quantico season 2 is definitely raising the danger for the beloved protagonist. Whereas season 1 involved high-profile players like big names in the FBI and even the next Vice President, season 2 involves the POTUS. It would be interesting to see how that threat unfolds.

Quantico season 2 and the problematic title

Transferring Alex to the CIA is a good way to utilize her skills. The director was right in saying at the end of season 1 that the FBI did not value her enough.

Still, many fans pointed out–and at some point made fun of–the fact that the show’s title may not be fitting anymore given that Alex is no longer with the FBI/at Quantico.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether Quantico will still have a bigger tie to Alex’s new story.

Quantico season 2 airs September 25 on ABC.