Just when you thought the Grand Central Station bomber will be revealed, “Quantico” would bring in another twist.

Fans of the newbie show was left hanging when major revelations were cut short during episode 8, titled “Over”.

In a recap by ABC, the previous episode showed the FBI system being hacked and confidential files being made available to the public. From the breach, Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) was able to gather information that led her to believe that a second bomb is in the works in New York.

However, the episode also showed Ryan Booth’s (Jake McLaughlin) life hanging in the balance and Alex turning herself in to the authorities.

Now, Entertainment Weekly shares juicy tidbits in the upcoming episodes from “Quantico” show runner Josh Safran himself.

In matters of Ryan’s safety, Safran revealed that the helicopter the FBI agent was riding in will not reach its destination. EW quotes Safran in saying:

“Poor Ryan. All I can say about that is that where the helicopter was meant to go, it doesn’t reach. It (the helicopter) didn’t land in a lovely area. It’s landed more in hell. So.”

If that tidbit is not enough, Safran also hinted that Simon and that man he was talking to on the phone may have something to do with the second bomb–if there actually is one.

Meanwhile, a report from TV Line also tackles the terrorism angle with Miranda Shaw’s (Aunjanue Ellis) son. It can be recalled that in the previous episode, Alex found Miranda in her house soaking in blood. She appeared to have been stabbed.

On whether Charlie hurt his own mom or whether the kid has links to a terrorist group, Safran remained vague. He was quoted by TV Line in saying:

“There are many, many possibilities that what you think happened didn’t exactly happen. That’s the story we’ve been telling with Miranda all along: How well does she know her son? But more than that, it’s the way in which what she believes is challenged by what she might not want to see.”

“Quantico” airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC Family.