Since the “Quantico’s” Command Center Bombing,  Caleb (Graham Roger) the FBI guy was constantly on the top of New York timeline. The viewers are all the more excited to know if this young guy would survive the bombing.

Now the good news is Caleb is alive, although he may not be active anytime soon.

“I can say that Caleb will not be seen in the future for a very long time, if at all,” Entertainment Weekly quoted series creator Josh Safran via TV Line. “It’s safe to say that Caleb didn’t die, but that’s not to say that Caleb wasn’t harmed.”

“Quantico” season 1 episode 14 titled “Answer” spoilers disclose, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) going out of the city and meeting Simon (Tate Ellington). She would be seeing Simon for the first time since the second bombing incident in episode 14 of Season 1. She will quickly get to know that she and Simon are on the same page when it comes to finding the fact behind the bombing. He hasn’t been doing much better than she has.

The spoilers further reveal Simon trying hard to accept the reality of the bombing. Even though his friends are trying their best to help him, it will never be the same for him again. Alex will be able to communicate to Simon being used by terrorists against his will, but she’ll need some time to find him alone to clarify that, states Movie News.

Photos show her visiting with Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin). However, it isn’t clear whether the terrorists will be able to reach her in the mountains.

According to Movie News as said by Safran, episode 14 of “Quantico” season 1 will be full of tension. It may also throw light on some dark places.

So, be ready to solve all the suspense!