The American TV series Quantico, starring Priyanka Chopra had a twist in episode 14 which shows the NATS are teaming up for defensive driving lessons. There are heated discussions between Liam and Drew which lead to shocking revelations. Alex now wants to work with Simon and then goes for a hunting trip. Nimah and Raina are keeping secrets.

Caleb is followed by Will out to a meeting with Samar. What is he up to? Caleb sends a man to give the money,

“It’s not the money,” the man on the video says. “It’s a commitment to reach the highest levels of fulfillment,” EW reports. Natalie’s death has a deep impact on Priyanka’s character.

“Simon grapples with his new reality in the aftermath of what’s transpired,” the episode 14 synopsis states. “Even though his friends try and help him, it’s uncertain he will ever be the same again,” reports IBT.

“Every morning I put a gun in my mouth. Have you ever tasted a gun, Alex? It’s awful. It’s the only thing that feels right to me,” Simon says. Is Simon the new ally of Alex? Alex wants Simon to help her find the terrorists. We do know that terrorist is not an idiot for he has known Alex has run to Ryan. We just get a glimpse of trainees life.

“Caleb’s secret life as Mark Raymond has gotten old,” TV Fanatic writes.”Will’s weird sock drawer and his determination to figure out what Caleb is up to makes things a little bit entertaining.”

Quantico’s terrorist will be out in next episode “Turn” on March 27,” reveals Enstarz. It is a mystery that’s going to continue to unfold, and you will learn your first big clue in episode 15,” executive producer Josh Safran told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s mentioned a little bit next week [in ‘Answer’].”

Produced by ABC Studios, Answer was written by Beth Schacter and directed by Jennifer Lynch.
Executive producers of “Quantico” are Joshua Safran, Mark Gordon, Nicholas Pepper, Jake Coburn and Robert Sertner, reports Broadway.

Quantico airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.