A father with driving under the influence of drugs after a jet ski accident that killed his 9-year-old son on a Mount Isa lake in November 19.  The 34-year-old father, Shane Michael Parkes, was also charged with unlicensed driving.

The father, who was still struggling with the loss of his son, Tobi, wept in the court as the charges were announced. Bail was denied for him. On November of last year, the father was jet skiing with his other son Dylan, aged 6 years. Tobi was apparently in shallow water when his father hit him.

Tobi’s body was found a day after. The father and his 6-year-old were injured, Courier Mail reveals. Parkes was apparently involved in a drug trafficking ring in north Queensland. Police prosecutor Sergeant Vaughan Cooper also said that the father was on bail for trafficking but this was denied by the defendant.

When he was suppose to appear in court on Jan. 24, he was pulled over and charged for drug driving while taking Dylan to school. Cooper pointed out that Parkes had failed a roadside drug test. Cooper said, “The defendant was required to supply a specimen of breath, which returned a small reading. When questioned, it will be alleged the defendant stated he had just consumed half a bottle of hand sanitizer as he was being intercepted. It will be alleged when asked why, he stated that he knew he was going to test positive to drug driving.”

Lawyer Anderson Telford said the father turned to marijuana to help him cope with being charged with drug trafficking last year.  Smoking marijuana helped the stress and the burden that was constantly bothering him, Telford added. According to reports, the father will reappear on court this coming April 18. He will face one count each of dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death, unlicensed operation of a vehicle as well as drug driving.