Universal Pictures surprised drop the trailer of the next chapter to the “Purge” series, “The Purge: Election Year.”

The trailer shows the terrifying chapter that occurs in over 12 hours of annual lawlessness sanctions by the New Founders of America “to keep this country great.”

The story picks up two years after we last saw Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) saving lives on purge night. This time, he’s responsible for the life of one other person, a U.S. senator to be played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

“It’s very politically charged, it’s basically my character and then a senator who has kind of uncovered what the purge really is,” Grillo told Entertainment Weekly of the third film in the “Purge” franchise.

Grillo added that when a person in power speaks out against it, naturally, she becomes a central target on purge night.

“They’re trying to assassinate her, and she and I go on this adventure together,” he said.

Check out the trailer below

While the first movie is a bit claustrophobic focusing on one family’s home in the suburbs, the second movie opened the viewers eyes to the larger picture by showing us the streets, the third movie will be a glimpse of what is really going on in the top of the food chain with politics part of the picture.

The Purge: Election Year is going to tackle political extremism, religious fundamentalism, and the socioeconomic inequality that underpins the series, with an Independence Day release date.

In the first trailer for the new film from writer/director James DeMonaco, we get a glimpse of that adventure, complete with horrifying masks, the dark streets of Washington D.C., and a sacrificial ceremony. All aboard once again are returning producers Blumhouse Productions (“Insidious,” “Ouija”) and Platinum Dunes (“Friday the 13th,” “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”).

The Purge: Election Year hits theaters on July 1.