Rumors of a slimmer PS4 broke out over the weekend after the console in question appeared auctioned online. Although most people took it for a fake, it seems there is more proof to prove is authenticity. A PS4 Slim leak aims to validate that this console exists.

A report by Erik Kain of Forbes details that Eurogamer has confirmed that the rumored console is legit. Confirmation comes from the gaming website’s Richard Leadbetter, who visited the source of the leaked photos.

Originally, Eurogamer uploaded a video of the PS4 slim. However, the website took it down, citing legal advice as the reason. Nevertheless, despite the video gone, a photo of the console taken by Leadbetter himself is still up. You can check that one here.

PS4 Slim leak – more evidence

Aside from the photo Eurogamer gathered, more leaked images exist in gaming thread NeoGAF.

User Kenzodielocke relays the images which appears to be from different sources. The first set of photos shows what appears to be the PS4 slim on top of the regular PS4. Based on the images, the rumored new console is indeed noticeably slimmer than the original.

Another set of images shows the rumored PS4 slim at a closer look. The photos that follow it even reveal accessories and a manual. Further images in the thread shows the PS4 slim in its packaging.

Still, despite the photos pointing at a potential truth to the console, users in the thread are treading carefully. Many have expressed that the photos are fake. Some explained that they would only believe the photos are genuine if proven so, or if an official announcement comes out.

Other people in the thread even said that the PS4 logo in the packaging was only Photoshopped.

However, it should be noted that the thread’s discussion could have happened before Eurogamer’s confirmation. If so, there’s now two conflicting sides to the validity of the images.

For now, you should take all these with a grain of salt.

Final word on whether there is actually truth on the PS4 slim leak will depend on an official announcement from Sony. Stay tuned for more news as this story develops.