Rumors about the PS4 Neo have been swirling even before its official announcement. Now, a leak seems to reveal more details about the new console, including a potential PS4 Neo release date and price listing.

A report by Tech Times details that Amazon Spain may have accidentally posted the release date and price list of the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo. According to the website, the “leak” places an October 13 official release for the console. In addition, the listing also mentioned a price.

Tech Times shares that a €399.99 (AU$ 583.56) price tag was attached to the device. The source further discusses that the posting was accidental since the price listing is no longer available at the site. However, the October 13 release date still remains.

PS4 Neo release date

If the accidental posting will be believed, fans waiting for the release of the console can now expect the device at a specific date.

However, it is important to note that availability of the product sometimes varies in between platforms, and even places. Hence, although the PS4 Neo becomes available through Amazon on October 13, it could launch earlier for other retailers. More so, different regions could get varying release dates for the console. Some places could get the device early while others should wait a week or two.

Meanwhile, aside from the Amazon posting, PlayStation Lifestyle reports that there is also a leak of documents related to the PS4 Neo. The documents detail a number of aspects of the console, including its specs. Some of the specs detailed on the leak are below.

CPU: Uses same “Jaguar” cores as the original PlayStation 4, at higher frequency
GPU: Uses improved version of AMD GCN CUs, more CUs at higher frequency
Memory: Uses same 8GB GGDRS as the original PlayStation 4, at higher bandwidth

More details relating to the PS4 Neo appears in a series of slides. To view those other details, check out the image gallery set up by Playstation Lifestyle.

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Stay tuned for more news on the PS4 Neo release date, price list and other details.