Rumors about a potential PS4 Neo release date recently surfaced. Consequently, Sony officially announced a PlayStation Meeting with the media set on September 7. Sources are speculating that the Neo launches in this meeting. However, could the much-awaited device launch at an earlier date?

Sony didn’t tie any specific event with the PlayStation Meeting invitation. Still, despite the secrecy, sources are almost positive that the new console will be introduced on the said date.

According to a report from CNET, it’s logical that the Neo debuts on the meeting. First, it cites that the venue itself–in New York City–speaks of the importance of what Sony has in store. Second, CNET also details that the launch of the Neo is the only thing that coincides with the “high-profile venue”.

Still, unless Sony makes an updated announcement on the September 7 event, anything could happen until then.

PS4 Neo release date

Ever since rumors of the Neo surfaced, people around the Internet speculated that the new console launches in September. With the upcoming Sony event, this seems more likely. However, is there any chance that it could launch earlier?

Possibly, if it is in terms of pre-orders. The PlayStation Meeting for journalists will likely reveal everything there is to know about the Neo. However, Sony can get ahead of the event and announce that the new and improved console is open for pre-orders as early as the last week of August.

Though this seems unlikely, it could get Sony a headstart to secure early sales of the Neo before official verdict from the media comes out.

The official announcement of the console revealed that it won’t replace the PS4. Instead, it will allow PlayStation users to an improved experienced through “enhanced Ultra HD graphics”. This promise in itself is an assurance that PS4 gamers will patronize the Neo. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt Sony if they open pre-orders while the Neo is still mostly shrouded in mystery.

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More so, stay tuned for more updates on the official PS4 Neo release date.