Recently, Sony organized a press event for E3 2016, and showed off several game trailers, while many companies presented new hardware. The Japanese company presented a slew of game trailers, including the much-awaited “The Last Guardian” for PlayStation 4.

During the press conference, the firm announced that the final chapter in the trilogy will be released on October 25 this year. We can’t wait to get it on our console, especially because it has been beset with delays for quite a long time. Originally it was announced for 2011 release on the PlayStation 3. Fans have been waiting for the announcement of the game’s release since 2009.

Last year, Sony announced at the E3 with keynote and gameplay footage on the PS4. However, during this year’s E3, Sony didn’t show a lot of new gameplay, nevertheless, we did see some poignant scenes.

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“The Last Guardian” is the final chapter in the trilogy and it started with “Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.” The trilogy involves a plot, where Ico is controlled by the player. Ico is said to be cursed by being born with horns on his head, left in a remote empty castle by his village, notes The Verge.

While Ico manages to liberate himself, comes across various characters. One of its is Yorda, a young frail girl who is followed by shadow-like creatures that try to drag her to a different realm. Ico tries to help Yorda to escape and finds that her mother, the queen residing in the castle is trying to use Yorda to lengthen her own life.

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“Shadow of the Colossus” is a spiritual sequel to Ico, but its creator, Fumito Ueda stated that although it’s a sequel it dates back to the previous mission in the same world as Ico. It has Wander as its main character; who is being controlled by the player. Wander has to bring life back to the body of Mono, his lady-love. And this can only be achieved by killing sixteen monolithic beasts that wander the landscape.