Rumors are rife online regarding the highly anticipated PS4.5 Neo release date. Sony has yet to confirm the alleged upgraded console, but speculations have already suggested that an unveiling at the E3 2016 event in June is very likely.

According to a new report, fans might get a first glimpse of the PS4.5 Neo along with rumored new consoles Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo DX at the annual tech and gaming event. Despite a lack of information to confirm these talks, many are anticipating these sneak peeks since the E3 has been a venue for announcing new consoles in the past.

If not by June, Innelec Media has reportedly suggested that an October PS4.5 Neo release date could be possible, Neurogadget reported. The site also noted that “as early as August, we may be seeing a slimmed down Xbox One with the upgraded Scorpio coming in 2017.”

“Given that these rumored release dates are rather near, wouldn’t it be about right to roll out marketing campaigns announcing the products? An announcement at one of the biggest conferences – the E3 – would be the perfect platform to make those announcements,” the site added.

Previous rumors have claimed that not everyone is pleased with Sony’s move to release an upgrade of the well-received PS4. Some game developers were reportedly “irked” and are wary of supporting the upgrade since it requires added work from their end.

“A trusted source tells me most developers are not happy with PS4.5, and having to develop around it,” Kinda Funny Co-Founder Colin Moriarty said in a Twitter post. “Extra cost, planning, other nonsense.”

According to a Playstation Lifestyle report, the PS4.5 Neo will have two modes- a base mode and a Neo mode that will be compatible with the PS4.5 upgrades.

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