July 2017’s free games lineup is a mixed bag of surprises for PS Plus subscribers. Gamers are somewhat divided on Sony’s incessant ways of putting up indie games in the list. However, it would seem that subscribers of Sony’s loyalty program are in for a neat ride this July.

Although the entire list is consisted mostly of indie games, the games chosen do speak for themselves. Almost all of the games have received positive reviews from critics across the gaming community.

Free games for the PS4

Starting with the the PS4 free games lineup are Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn and Telltale’s Game of Thrones. These two games somehow share a similar genre as they both encourage players in making decisions that change the outcome of the game.

Until Dawn is the more horrific of the two as it centers on the ghastly adventures of eight teenagers trying to survive a night from a psychopath.

The game offers various endings as players cycle through all eight playable characters in it.

PS Plus July 2017 lineup revealed

Telltale’s Game of Thrones (via flickr.com)

For something that is close to heart, there is Telltale’s Game of Thrones. Like most of Telltale’s game releases, Game of Thrones is also episodic and has a total of side episodes in the series.

The game is set on the events between seasons three and five of the HBO original series. Players assume the role of one of the five members of House Forrester.

Free games for the PS3

For the PS3, players will be able to download Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection starting next Tuesday.

Tokyo Jungle is more of a single player game although it also offers a local multiplayer mode. Meanwhile, for a full online multiplayer experience, Darkstalkers Resurrection is the game for you. It features online matchmaking and battle as well as plenty of unlock able items.

Cross buys and extra game for PS4

Finally on the PS Vita, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download two new games: Don’t Die Mr Robot and Element4l. The first one is a cross buy so PS4 users will be able to download that too.

As an added bonus, Sony is throwing in an extra game that features support for mobile gameplay. That’s You is the first cross platform from Sony that is playable on the PS4 and mobile devices like Android or iOS.