It’s still a matter of days before an official announcement comes for the PS Plus free games September 2016 lineup. Nevertheless, rumors about what games will make it to the list continue to make rounds. One of these rumors suggest that next month’s lineup all include AAA games. Is there any truth to these?

Report about AAA titles making it to PS Plus in September comes from Parent Herald. The source associates this possibility with the recent price hike on PS Plus memberships.

Another angle that the website considered is the reception of members for this month’s titles. Parent Herald says that many gaming fans didn’t like this month’s lineup. Hence, to make up for it, releasing AAA titles could be Sony’s main consideration.

Still, it is important to note that the site is simply speculating when saying this. It is then best to take this with a grain of salt.

PS Plus free games September 2016

As to what the free games could include, the website relays that Watch Dogs could be one of them. It cites the upcoming release of the title’s sequel as motivation for it to make the cut. Parent Herald further explains that its inclusion could be a marketing strategy.

It is notable, though, that Watch Dogs was rumored numerous times in the past. Therefore, it being rumored this time is nothing new. It may simply be wishful thinking for PS Plus members.

As per the opinion of gamers themselves, this Reddit thread offers some insights. A somehow common agreement in the discussion is it could be anything, though AAA titles are always welcome.

Sega Genesis Collection and Shadow Warrior came up as preferred games. Users also agreed that Watch Dogs added next month makes sense given Watch Dogs 2’s release in November.

Still, keep in mind that these are simply predictions.

The official announcement for the PS Plus free games September 2016 lineup comes out in a few days. Check back with us when that arrives.