With March only a few days away, PlayStation Plus members by now may be eager to find out what free games and other exclusives next month will hold for them. Well, there’s no need to wait anymore as Sony has now announced what’s in store for members this coming March.

After its Vote to Play Campaign, PlayStation Plus members have chosen “Broforce” as the very first title for PS4’s free game line-up. Subscribers will also be able to nab titles such as “Galak-Z: The Dimensional” for the PS4, while “Super Stardust HD” goes for the Playstation 3.

Here’s the full list for your convenience:

  • “Galak-Z” (PlayStation 4)
  • “Broforce” (PlayStation 4)
  • “Super Stardust” HD (PlayStation 3)
  • “The Last Guy” (PlayStation 3)
  • “Flame Over” (PlayStation Vita)
  • “Reality Fighters” (PlayStation Vita)

“Broforce” is a “run ‘n’ gun” action side-scroller that features an “under-funded” yet overpowered paramilitary organization that deals only in excessive force. On the other hand, “Galak-Z: The Dimensional” is an open-world action sci-fi shooting game that lets you pilot your ship and transform it into a sword-wielding robot. Sony says that some exciting news for the game will come out in the following weeks, so it’s probably best to stay tuned.

Sony this month resurrected its “Vote to Play” campaign that lets PlayStation Plus members to vote for the game they get the following month. From February 9 to February 22, members voted for their wanted titles. “Broforce” was the victor, but fans of “Assault Android Cactus” and “Action Henk” will be available for PlayStation Plus members at a 30 percent discount starting March 8 until March 21.

Sony’s treat to PlayStation Plus members doesn’t stop there, however. Subscribers will also be able to get exclusive access to another “Hitman” beta starting March 4. The new episodic game will be on beta for that weekend, and the game will actually be released a week after.