In an unusual turn of events, one title from the PS Plus free games for April 2016 has been revealed — thanks to a pre-order by a gamer.

GameSpot reports that PlayStation 4 game “Dead Star” from Armature Studios will be one of the free games in next month’s lineup. According to the website, this has been discovered by Twitter user BLAMdrew who received a notification from Sony about his pre-order of the game.

The Twitter user was kind enough to share to his followers Sony’s message, which can be seen in the tweet below.

From the message, it can be gathered that BLAMdrew already pre-ordered the game but Sony is providing him with a refund since “Dead Star” is among the titles for April’s PS Plus Games.

GameSpot also mentions in their article that a PlayStation representative has confirmed “Dead Star’s” inclusion in next month’s lineup.

For further proof, Gearnuke also reports that “Dead Star” has been removed from the PlayStation store and refunds were made for others who pre-ordered. The website also notes that originally, the game was scheduled for release on April 30, 2016. However, its inclusion as an April PS Plus game may result to an earlier launch.

While the announcement of this game came weeks early, gamers will have to wait until the near end of March for the other PS Plus game titles for April 2016 to be revealed.

For now, you can check out PS Plus Games for the month of March including “Broforce” for PlayStation 4, “Super Stardust” for PlayStation 3, and “Realty Fighters” for PlayStation Vita.

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