Recent reports hint at the possibility of “Prison Break” season 6 prior to the premiere of the 2016 revival. Fans are already thrilled by the news.

It was no less than the TV series’ writers who hinted about it on Twittersphere through their user account @PBWritersRoom, Movie News Guide reported. The official account of writers for “Prison Break” season 5 answered questions from fans. Fans became hopeful following the writers’ response to a particular question. Many concluded the likelihood of another season or two.

When news broke out of the show’s revival, it revealed a limited number of episodes for the season, TV Line wrote earlier this year. At the time, there was no indication of one more season afterwards. The cast would likely welcome the idea of season 6 given the excitement they’ve shown so far. The actors at the Vancouver production had fun sharing moments from the set on Instagram.

In addition to the original cast, “Prison Break” season 5 also welcomed Faran Tahir. The actor posted about his recurring role on the TV series on Facebook and inadvertently revealed its air date. The recent photo shot at the Vancouver set of the “Prison Break” revival would suggest that Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) is a free man.

Actor Dominic Purcell who plays Lincoln, Michael’s brother, shared the picture on Instagram, YVRShoots wrote. Michael looks like he’s in a Middle Eastern café with his brother, Lincoln, the publication surmised from the photos.

The publication called to mind the underlying theme of the TV series wherein the brothers take turns busting each other out of jail. This time around, it seems it’s Lincoln turn to do it. YVRShoots revealed that the plan for season 5’s nine episodes would be to break Michael out of a Yemen prison. Sucre, C-Note, T-Bag, and the rest of his former prison inmates will work together with Lincoln and his love Sara. Filming in Metro Vancouver is expected to pack up by July 5th, the publication revealed.