Prison Break season 5 is going to unfold many more dramas. Going by the official trailer, one can assume that there are possibilities of a lot of changes taking place in Sara Tancredi’s life over the time when Michael Scofield was missing from the scenario. What are they? Is she married to someone else? If so, what were the circumstances?

The video clip also shows an incident where the little kid questions: “How was my father like, my real father?” Does that indicate that there is another man in Sara’s life whom her child has been calling his father all these days?

Who is Sara Tancredi?

Sara Tancredi played by Sarah Wayne Callies is the love interest of Michael Scofield played by Wentworth Miller. In fact, she was among the few doctors working at Fox River State Penitentiary. In the end of the fourth season, it was revealed that Sara was expecting Michael’s child. At the end of Prison Break season 4, Michael died an unfortunate death while grabbing the generator wires and putting two together to knock out the power. Sara escaped. In the penultimate episode, Sara was seen visiting Michael’s grave with her toddler son, Michael Scofield Jr. Lincoln, Mahone, and Sucre.

It’s sometimes hard for single moms to survive in the society all alone. Is there anyone else other than Michael in Sara’s life, who has possibly held her hand in her time of struggle when Michael was no more in this world?  Who is that man?

Can Paul Kellerman be the one?

Played by Paul Adelstein, this character was introduced in the in the first half of Prison Break season 1. Initially, he was  just  a stereotypical villain who stopped anyone from uncovering the Lincoln Burrows conspiracy. He went to great lengths to execute his plans, blackmailing and even murdering a number of innocent people on Caroline Reynolds’ (Patricia Wettig) order.

But with time, we saw there was a change-of-heart.  On several episodes of the series, the character showed true remorse and complexity. His testimony exonerated Sara and Lincoln, but he is himself arrested. After the first and second season, Kellerman re-appeared in Prison Break Season 4 finale as a popular congressman.

Now fully changed, Kellerman happened to be a key character in the episode in bringing down The Company.  But there was again a pain of repentance in him (for his past deeds) after  the widow of his former partner Danny Hale spat in his face. Now that he has changed, there are chances he might have married Sara to protect her and her unborn child. Maybe it was a part of his penitence. We know that no matter how “advanced” our society becomes one thing will never change: every child needs a dad. So Paul Kellerman could be the stepfather of Sara’s child.

Is it Lincoln Burrows?

He is the elder brother of Michael and it is understood that for him accepting Sara’s baby is easier, as it also a way of showing his gratitude for his younger brother who died in the process of freeing him.  He might have held Sara’s hand to save her and the child from the social stigma. Not every child will grow up with their dad but they need a nurturing father-figure who can play an important role in a child’s well-being. In Sara’s case, Lincoln might be playing a similar role.

Watch The Official Trailer for Prison Break Season 5:

The Prison Break season 5 trailer shows Michael still alive and serving his sentence in the Ogygia Prison in Yemen for his involvement with ISIL.  Now there is a question: what will happen if he comes out? If Sara is already married, things would get messier for everyone.

Well, for now, Sara’s marriage is only our speculation. The reality will be revealed once the series returns. As for the air date, there are reports that Prison Break season 5 is expected early 2017 and at Tuesdays at 9:00 pm.