A few days back we broke the news to our readers that Prison Break season 5 is happening for real. While there are endless spoilers and non-spoilers floating around the internet, here is the latest one which can create a ripple effect among the fans. As per them, Prison Break season 5 finale will feature another epic death. Speculations say that stakes are high for Lincoln Burrows. How and why? Let us learn below.

The Story of Two Brothers till date:

For the last four season, we have seen how younger brother Michael Scofield tried hard to get Lincoln out of the prison. The latter was wrongfully accused of and charged with the murder of Terence Steadman, the brother of the Vice President of the United States. Michael deliberately got himself sent to the same prison to break both of them out. By the end of season 4, Michael sent Mahone with an explosive device to kill Christina and rescue Lincoln. The plan was successful.  Lincoln was able to escape the death penalty but Michael had to bite the dust. An encouraging story indeed!

Now it’s Payback time for Lincoln Burrows!

The show creators recently released an official sneak-peek of Prison Break season 5. The preview dropped quite a big bombshell, confirming that Michael Scofield is very much on the show. He is alive and now serving his sentence in the Ogygia Prison in Yemen for his involvement with ISIL.

If the brotherly theory is to be considered, now it is Lincoln’s time to pay back. Today he is leading a free life because of Michael.  However, things won’t be as simple as they sound. Political schemes, double-crossing inmates won’t make the task easier for Lincoln.

Lincoln Burrows Will Die?

There is no freedom without sacrifices! Going by the theory, it can be assumed Michael has to battle against the odds in Prison Break season 5 to set his younger brother free. As per the official sneak-peek, Lincoln sets off to gather the members of the Fox River Eight to accomplish the job. However, getting Michael out in a foreign land will be a real challenge. Lincoln may have to make some difficult choices. Now there is a question: Will he sacrifice himself to get Michael out of the prison? Is it him who will meet his last in the fifth season finale episode?

Watch the official Trailer of Prison Break season 5:

How will things turn up for Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield in the coming days, is yet to be seen? Prison Break season 5 is scheduled to debut in early 2017 and air Tuesdays at 9:00 pm. Stay tuned for more updates.