“Prison Break” Season 5 brings back the series after a long time away from television. Details about the show’s revival continue to surface following Fox’s announcement of its resurrection. It’s been revealed that most members of the original cast would return for the reboot yet there’s more for fans to look forward to.

“Prison Break” Season 5 welcomes actor Faran Tahir to its cast, The Express Tribune reported. The Pakistani-American actor will have a recurring role on the series as Jamil. He’s appeared in noteworthy films like “Iron Man,” “Star Trek,” and “The Jungle Book”. Hence, his acting prowess is unquestionable.

Tahir tweeted the good news of his inclusion in “Prison Break” Season 5.

He revealed Jamil as a character “who has an inner conflict.” He also shared his anticipation to work with the original cast that includes Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, and Sarah Wayne Callies.

“The beauty of the show is the reunion of all these loved characters with the inclusion of some new ones. What I can say is that the story has been taken forward in a very smart way,” Tahir said.

News of the show’s comeback broke out in June, TV.com reported then. However, it is interesting to note that fans have Purcell and Miller to thank for it. According to Purcell, they brought the idea to Fox, Express reported. It was coincidental that the network had the same idea in mind.

“‘Prison Break’ was such an iconic show and it was something that we were very interested in revisiting, and they pulled out all the stops. So it’s going to be a tremendous show,” Purcell said.

Confirmation of the release date of “Prison Break” Season 5 hasn’t been announced. A separate post from Express reported its arrival in early 2017. However, Faran Tahir’s Facebook post could have let the cat out of the bag.

Prison Break

Facebook/Faran Tahir

Production is underway in Vancouver and the actors took time to share snaps from the first day of shoot.