Do you spend more time looking for filters than taking a selfie? Prisma for Android has finally come to put artistic touches to your selfies. Use these three best filters for your selfies and elevate your selfie to a perfect portrait.

Prisma: Born Out of an AI

Prisma uses artificial intelligence to transform your real-time pictures into portrait masterpieces. First released for iOS, it has recently launched an Android version. The Russian filter app is available on the app store for free. Since it was launched this summer, it has been transforming what otherwise would have been crappy shots into works of art. The app uses layers of neural networks to imitate the art styles of some of the most influential visual artists and signature world patterns.

How to Use Prisma

Once you have the app in your phone, select an existing picture or take a photo. Choose from the 36 filters for the artistic effect you want.

When you have selected a filter, you can adjust the intensity of the filter. Due to AI and neural network fetching, filters may take some seconds before they load. The AI-filter app Prisma is best used with a stable Internet connection.

Create stunning portraits ranging from the avant garde to the subtle artistic-inspired brushstrokes applied.

3 Best Filters

Out of the 33 filters available, here the three eclectic ones that’ll have you and your followers wondering whether it’s still classified as a selfie or a work of art.


Characterized by soft brushstrokes and mellow outlines, the outcome looks a smoothly painted over portrait.

PrismaSounak Mukhopadhyay | Australia Network News


This filter puts the modern newspaper dot-embossed effect on your portrait.

PrismaSounak Mukhopadhyay | Australia Network News


If you’re feeling more artsy than usual but do not want a too abstract look, you can choose Mononoke.

PrismaSounak Mukhopadhyay | Australia Network News

Prisma Updates

Don’t fret if you cannot access it right now. Since Prisma for Android was released, the app experienced a surge of users. The app experienced some downtime a few hours ago. However, the app developers have promised they’ll come back up soon.

PrismaSounak Mukhopadhyay | Australia Network News

While the app is fairly new, it has announced that it will be bringing the savvy art filters to videos soon.

With the feature, you’ll be able to transform snippets of your modern life into walking art pieces. Thanks to Prisma, the age of crappy selfies and horrendous snapshots is over. Welcome to the new age of the contemporary life viewed in the art style you’ve always wanted to live in.