Gossip website TMZ temporarily crashed a short time after the website published their story on the death of pop superstar Prince.

A few hours after the news, the website was unavailable due to the large volume of traffic, founder of TMZ Harvey Levin said to Fox News.

Levin added that they had to perform a repair job on their website after the crash on Thursday.

TMZ reported that Prince was found dead in an elevator at Paisley Park Studios, Minnesota after news of drug overdose on Thursday. The pop star was only 57.

The artist is considered one of the best-selling with more than 100 million records sold.

According to TMZ, the musician was rushed to the hospital for treatment of drug overdose before he died.

His plane made an emergency landing in Illinois last week in the hopes that the singer will be given a shot to fight opiate effects. Doctors reportedly wanted the singer to remain in the hospital but as they were not able to give the musician a private room, Prince’s crew decided to check him out of the hospital.

The singer was not breathing anymore when his body was found.

As of the moment, his publicists still did not release a statement regarding the cause of his death or the people with him when it happened.

Outside his residence in Paisley Park, fans have already offered purple flowers as their tribute to the legendary musician behind the hits “Purple Rain” and “Kiss”.

Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, postponed two shows that had been set in Atlanta. According to a statement, the singer has the flu.

CNN said seven days later, he performed two concerts in Atlanta. Both concerts were shorter than usual for the artist – running just 80 minutes.

The concerts earned enthusiastic reviews from fans with the artist himself feeling good about his performance. He even posted on social media later that he was “transformed”.