The results of the autopsy for Prince will not be revealed until the toxicology report results are out and it could take several months.

No sign of injury or trauma were found in Prince’s body when he died in an elevator on April 21 in Minneapolis. Carver County Sheriff Olson said that they found nothing to indicate that the singer committed suicide.

Prince went to his local Walgreens pharmacy four times before his death. He was undergoing treatment on a Percocet OD in Moline, Illinos last week, TMZ reports. Though Sheriff did not confirm about the medication earlier.

“We are in the process of conducting an investigation, which generally involves interviewing people who have information pertinent to the investigation,” Jason Kamerud, chief deputy from the Carver County Sheriff’s Office told People.

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After the postmortem the body was handed to the family members. Prince crew members, staff and friends on the flight of 15 April will be questioned. It is said by the sources that the singer took so many pain-killers that he died. His death is being compared to the legendary singer Michael Jackson.

One of the hospital authorities said that the singer was administered a “save shot” to counteract the effect of drug overdose. Chazz Smith, Prince’s cousin failed to report on the issue, according to the Independent. He said the singer appeared to be “perfectly healthy” and did not touch alcohol or drugs as a kid. Yet another controversial report by Mirror states that Prince was addicted to drugs for past 25 years, spending a huge sum to obtain them.

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Doctor D who is the alleged drug dealer told that it was the strong pain killers that killed the singer of which doctors were not aware. The Purple Rain star took Percocet more than the recommended amount as he had become resistant to the Tylenol which is mixed with the drug.Doctor added that taking large amounts of Tylenol affects the kidneys.