The Royal father of two, Prince William is said to be having a hard time with parenthood. Prince William is experiencing the everyday struggle of parenting with his two children with Kate Middleton — namely, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Recently, it was reported that the royal father was complaining that the kids were still jet lagged and were not sleeping on time after their long trip to Canada few weeks ago.

In an interview shared by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Prince William revealed how he and his wife handle their children. It’s not only Prince William who is struggling with parenting, but also Kate Middleton.

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“The jet lag has been a bit interesting since we got back,” Prince William said in the interview to how their children couldn’t get their children back on regular sleeping.

In a report by Romper, Prince William has admitted that one of the challenging parts of being a parent is getting your baby to sleep. Prince William also shared that it was his son who he struggles to get to sleep since Prince George is a little bit loud and spoiled at times.

The Royal father seems to somehow let things get out of hand when it comes to his children. Prince George received plenty of presents on his last birthday, and it made William so frustrated about how he will discipline his son since he is spoiled and a little hard to handle.

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According to Celeb Dirt Laundry, Prince William always complain about his fatherhood and he has been complaining a couple of times already. By the actions and words of Prince William, his wife, Kate, is a bit worried that they may not have another child anymore.

However, Prince William is still adjusting to his young parenthood and he may not seem that happy with what he’s going through right now. However, he’s trying his best and is getting a lot of help at home with their children.

It’s still too early to say if Prince William doesn’t like being a father. Followers of the royal family should wait and see if the couple are still having another child. These are just unconfirmed reports and the royals have not confirmed it.

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