Australian television presenter Charlie Albone revealed the term of endearment that Kate Middleton called Prince William. When they attended the Chelsea Flower Show in England on Tuesday.

The co-host of Selling Houses Australia said in an interview with Channel 9’s “Today Show”. He found out about the Duchess of Cambridge’s pet name for the Duke was when the latter asked him about one of his plants.

The British-born landscaper who won a silver gilt medal at the show told the Duke that the plant was one of his prized Buxus, to which the Duchess told her husband: “Babe, we’ve got those. We’ve got loads of those.”

The revelation caused both presenters Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson to burst in a fit of laughter. “Kate actually called him ‘babe’ did she?” Wilkinson asked him, still in disbelief.

“Yeah she actually called him ‘babe,’ and said ‘we’ve got loads of those,’” Albone responded, according to the Daily Mail.

Also during the event, one of the designers Margaret Knight told reporters how she overheard the royal couple talking about her making her own poppy. As they knelt to take a closer look at the 5,000 Poppies project.

“William asked Kate, ‘Could you make one of these, darling?’” to which the Duchess responded that she liked the “fluffy ones,” according to Hello Magazine.

Royal Couple on PDA

The royal couple is not known to show displays of affection during public outings. Which has seen them getting criticized by their own royal chef for having a lifestyle that is too normal.

“They need to be careful what they wish for because, for us, when the Queen came into the room we stood to attention, we bow and we only spoke to her if she spoke to us,” said Darren McGrady, who has served the royals for the last 15 years.

However, this is mostly because they are royals, not celebrities. They also have to honor centuries-old traditions on how they present themselves to the public eye and PDAs made by royals are frowned upon in general.