Prince William, on the eve of the Queen’s 90th birthday, said that he takes his royal duties seriously and that he is not waiting to be a king. The Duke of Cambridge made renewed attempts to shake off the “work-shy William” impression that his people have of him.

When BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell asked for his response to the allegations that he is a “slightly reluctant royal,” he said that he “didn’t lie awake waiting to be king” but will be ready to take more royal responsibilities when the right time comes.

“To be honest, I’m going to get plenty of criticism in my lifetime. It is not something that I completely ignore, but it’s not something that I take completely to heart,” he said. “I’m concentrating very much on my role as a father. I’m a new father and I take my duties and my responsibilities to my family very seriously.”

Prince William added that the royal family needed to keep up with the modern times and that he is already considering how to maintain the monarchy’s relevance in the next 20 years.

“I take duty very seriously. I take my responsibilities very seriously. But it’s about finding your own way at the right time, and if you’re not careful duty can weigh you down at a very early age,” the BBC quoted him as saying. “I think you have got to develop into a duty role.”

The Duke of Cambridge said he wants to bring up his children, 2-year-old Prince George and 11-month-old Princess Charlotte, as good persons with a clear idea of their duties towards others, the E! News reported.

The Queen and Prince Charles, he said, are very supportive towards the royal duties he is currently engaged in, The Guardian reported. To Prince William, the Queen has been a very strong influence on him, he added.