After painting the tribute mural for Prince in Sydney, Graham Hoete, a Sydney-based artist is planning to do the same in the United States. He wants to make it even more epic than his Sydney one by painting a five-storey-mural.

He has been getting requests from Minnesota, the hometown of Prince when the news circulated at Street University in Liverpool of his image as “Mr G” and “mural of the Purple One.”

Hoete, 37, posted a photo of his artwork on Facebook on Sunday. It has so far received more than 3,500 likes and more than 850 shares. When people asked him that why did he not paint in Minnesota, he said that he got the request for Sydney. He added that he would love to paint if people can arrange for a flight. His Facebook page has been a huge hit in Sydney. He has even earlier in 2012 posted a request to Ellen DeGeneres to allow him to appear on her show.

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The artist is looking forward to people funding his trip to the US. “I’m pretty sure people will offer their wall and help me set up. I’ve already had offers from people in Sydney to set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the trip,” he said to ABC. His potential five-storey US mural would take two to three days to complete. He is overwhelmed by the people’s reaction on his Facebook page and it is through this social medium that he is planning to raise funds. He is a bass player and his brother is also inclined to music. He was looking out for a meaningful form of tribute to Prince and he found this to be the perfect way.

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His Facebook page in total has 13,169 likes and he is taking a huge intiative to promote himself through his artwork and make money. His webpage features his original paintings.