Legendary Rockstar, Prince could have known that he was dying. He seemed to have given secret hints about his death. Just like David Bowie who released a music video showing him floating on the upper end of the hospital’s bed, Prince started to write memoirs a month before his death. He visited the Walgreens pharmacy thrice during the week. Continual visits with a fragile appearance made people suspect more about his health condition.

TMZ, which was the first site to break the news of his death, has also reported that Prince knew that he was dying.

The global popstar died in the elevator at Paisley Park near Minneapolis on April 21. The lyrics from his track Sometimes It Snows In April reads: “But sometimes life ain’t always the way… Sometimes it snows in April,” revealed the loss the singer was facing. Let’s Go Crazy has a line, “And if the elevator tries to break you down, go crazy, punch a higher floor!”

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Few days before his death, he jokingly told the worried fans, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers” after being released from the hospital indicating that he is fine now. He showed them his sparkling new Guitar and Piano pretending to reflect his very own state of newness and vigor. But sadly the Purple Rain singer died after five days. He was very upset when the news regarding his being hospitalized spread like wildfire; he feared that the fans would suspect him of being dead. Friends of Prince told Wonderwall that he had almost completed 50 pages of his memoir.

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