Prince George would attend the same school as his Uncle Harry and his father—a pre-prep school in Wetherby. Both the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have decided to put his name in Wetherby Prep School.

It is yet to be decided whether the couple will relocate from Amner Hall to take up their permanent residence at Kensington Palace. There have been strong speculations that George would attend Beeston Hall in Cromer.

Going back to the Kensington Palace at London will only make them full-time Royals. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have to leave the serenity of the countryside and return back to London. If the Duke and Duchess relocate to Kensington Palace, it would be just half a mile from Prince George’s school.

Instagram/Kensington Royal

This is also why Kate took on a taxpayer-funded $84854124 refurbishment of Kensington Palace in 2014. If George moves now, he will start at Wetherby next year, Daily Mail reports.

The school charges approx. $12234 a term. The school has a distinctive uniform of red tie, grey cap and scarlet-trimmed blazer. Kensington Palace has declined to give their comment on the news.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, No one seems to be listening to Kate these days. Carole Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge wanted Prince George to attend a local school near Amner Hall but Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles would not allow it to happen.

Prince William had also skipped Easter celebration to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriend in Kenya. William was alone at the Irish Guard’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. What does this all mean?

Kate‘s decision regarding her children’s education has been declined.”The Duke of Cambridge has done his duty like a good little boy by marrying, not necessarily the woman the Royal Family would have chosen, and ensuring the line of succession. Now William is free to do as he pleases and is clearly doing it as his skipping Easter with Kate and kids proves,” the report further states.