After Prince’s death comes the confusion over the matters related to property. As Prince had no wife or children during the time of his death, the question is who would get the massive fortune he left behind.

TMZ reports that Prince was devoid of high-powered attorneys. The singers fortune is worth $389155539 (US$300 million). Hollywood Life reports that his estate at Paisley Park Studios and the money he left would be passed to Jehovah’s Witness Church, the community adopted by the singer.

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Minnesota Law states that in such cases the inheritance goes to parents or siblings. His parents are dead and he has a sister named Tyka Nelson, who is just two years older than him. He was married to Mayte Garcia in 1996, but their son died weeks after he was born and Garcia had a miscarriage with their second child, tearing their marriage apart.

A friend of Prince, Van Jones in an interview said that Prince has donated a large sum of his money. “The music was one way he tried to help the world. But he was helping every day of his life,” he said to CNN. He has supported programmes like #YesWeCode to help the tech world and Green For All to make green living accessible for all, Vox reports.

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Prince has joined the league of singers like Michael Jackson, John Lennon and Bob Marley whose net value seems to increase even more after their deaths. “For someone like Prince who’s been around for so long, obviously the value of his catalog will increase after his death, significantly more so than for other people,” Martin Neumann, an estate planning lawyer and partner at the Los Angeles firm Weinstock Manion said to LA Times. He is said to have played his own instruments and had managed well in maintaining control of his copyrights.