Prince, the music legend and game changer in popular music, was treated for an overdose six days before he was found dead. It was found that the music icon was given a save shot following an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois and taken to a hospital.

Prince’s publicity team had earlier said that the emergency landing and the subsequent visit to the hospital were due to severe flu symptoms. According to sources, Prince was advised to stay at the hospital for 24 hours. But since the hospital could not arrange for a private room for him, he decided to leave. The sources added that the singer was not doing well when he left the hospital. He even made an appearance at a party in Minnesota the next day and told his fans to save their prayers for a few days.

The music icon was also photographed to be coming out of a pharmacy in Walgreens 15 hours before he was found dead. He was seen with his friends and employees in the photographs looking frail. Reportedly, it was his third visit to the pharmacy during the week, the Mail Online reported.

The New York Daily reported that save shots help to neutralise the harmful effects of opiates like heroin and narcotic painkillers. Though there is still no official statement on the cause of his death, the overdose is being considered as a possible cause.

Fans and friends across American cities and the world mourned the star’s sudden demise. Fans sang and danced to his songs, laid flowers outside his home in Minneapolis, and lit up state buildings.

“It is harder here. Prince was a child of our city,” Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a statement, as quoted by the USA Today. “Prince was unapologetically different and he made it OK for his fans to be different and to celebrate their individuality.”